Awful Ogre comes roaring back in:

first U.S. Children's Poet Laureate

Jack Prelutsky
pictures by
Paul O. Zelinsky

A Junior Library Guild Selection

A Greenwillow Book
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Awful Ogre Running Wild jacket art

If you liked AWFUL OGRE'S AWFUL DAY, which followed Awful Ogre through a typical, terrible day, or if it was not awful enough for you, take a look at AWFUL OGRE RUNNING WILD.

This summer vacation romp includes a generous dose of bean-flinging, anchor-hoisting and toast-burning, as well as a semi-violent visit to Grandma, a tension-filled stab at a cooking contest, and general mayhem throughout the land. Still, in all the frenzy, Awful Ogre finds a little well-deserved quiet time, and indulges in a lovely and lyrical interlude of dragon-watching.


Awful Ogre Speaks of Transportation
by Jack Prelutsky ©2008

awful ogre speaks of transportation

If I could ride a horse, I would,

But horses are too small,

And when I mount an elephant,

It tends to trip and fall.



Some dinosaurs were large enough,

Alas, they are no more.

So I'm obliged to walk a lot—

That's why my feet are sore.


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