words by Rita Golden Gelman
pictures by Paul O. Zelinsky

Starred reviews in ∗SLJ ∗Booklist ∗Kirkus ∗Publisher's Weekly
Doodler Doodling was a runner up for the Bologna Ragazzi Prize at the Bologna Book Fair, an international prize for picture books

It starts simply enough: Teachers teaching,
and continues, Fliers flying.

Then it changes track a little:

Fliers teaching. Teachers flying.
Teachers teaching flying fliers.
Fliers flying

—WHAT? says a voice.
And then it begins again:

Painters painting.
Climbers climbing.
climbing, — and off it goes!

Doodler Doodling is a word-game-turned-picture-book. But it's not like any picture book you've seen; it's a world created on the fly by a dreamy and determined doodler. School Library Journal said,"children and adults alike will be inspired to allow their own scribblings to soar off the page. . ., the better to reflect the variety and exponentially amazing possibilities of interpreting the written word."

Become your own doodler doodling: figure out the structure, choose your own words, and just see where it leads you!