Favorite Color

I have trouble choosing a favorite color. Colors don't stay put.

For instance, look at this color:

Doesn't it look like different colors when it is surrounded by other colors?

The fact is that a color is never really just one color. What a color is depends on the colors around it, and also on the light in the room and all sorts of other things. So how can I choose one favorite color when one color is always many colors? Anyway, I'm not good at choosing a favorite anything. My favorite color is always changing. It changes every time I want to decide what it is.

When my daughters were little, a favorite game was to ask me about my favorite color. Since it changed every few minutes, they could wait a minute and ask me again. And again. And again. I've had some really great favorite colors. and some pretty terrible ones, too.


Here is my current favorite color:


At least it was until about a second ago; I think it just changed. Try pressing "refresh" or "reload" on your browser to update the page. You should see what my favorite color is at this moment.



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