words by Alex London

“A superb example of text and image
telling opposing stories—and of the humor
that can be found in the intersection.”

—Kirkus (starred review)

“London and Zelinsky have created
something unendingly fun but also
deeply meaningful: Art takes on
a life of its own, no matter how much
the artist thinks the work can be controlled ”

—Brian Selznick, Caldecott Medal–winning author of The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Perhaps you were wondering:
“What is a still life painting?”

I, an artist, will now tell you.

This is a still life painting.
A still life is a picture of objects sitting still:
motionless, silent.

You see? No moving things here.

You won't find a story being told in a still life. Only objects.
Dragons? Knights? Princesses? Don't be silly.

(Don't tell him that there's a princess
having an adventure in his painting!)


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