A Wheels on the Bus Birthday Contest

The Wheels On The Bus
has turned 25! It has a new cover, and on that cover are many 25s. Some are easy to find, some very hard.

To celebrate this milestone birthday, we held a contest, giving away five high-quality prints of this new art (as seen below), to the five people who found the most 25s!

The Wheels on the Bus


Windermere Elementary School
Linda Jeffers
Susan Plank
Kate Solow
Lewise Lucaire

The print that the winners receive includes four or five extra 25s, just for good measure. Winners also receive a guide that highlights the 25s that Paul included knowingly in the cover image, but not those extras. And as for revealing Paul's list of answers publicly, he is refraining from posting it anywhere, because if the answers are just one click away on the Internet, where is the challenge in finding them?